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Here you can find some interesting links to other cancollectors on the internet.

Are you a cancollector and you want your link to be added to this page, please let me know it by e-mail...thanks!


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.: Beercan Collectors :.

René Enthoven - The Netherlands
Bernd Schaumann - Austria
Jan Meinders - The Netherlands
                                   Paul Segal - Israel  [only e-mail address]  
Beercan news by Rob Barrow
                                Abraham Prado - Mexico   [only e-mail address]
Kazuyuki Iwasaki - Japan
Ji Ling (Portia) - Taiwan
                                 Samuel Angelino - Portugal   [only e-mail address]
Krzysztof Ohla - Poland
Gerhard Ninaus - Austria
César Barnes - Argentina
Ramon Esclasans - Spain

                               Ex-USSR Beercans   [site is in Russian!!]

                        An other Russian site with beercans   [site is in Russian!!]
Harrie van Houten - The Netherlands
Christian Bernaud - France
Beercans collectors from Belgium (Etienne Morsa)
Mats Karlsson - Sweden
Henk Henst - Dutch Beercans Catalogue - The Netherlands
Henk Henst - Dutch Coca Cola cans - The Netherlands
Ron Heber - The Netherlands
Klasines Nijmeijer - The Netherlands
Csaba Elekes - Hungary

.: Can collectors association :.

Blik op Blik - The Netherlands


.: Coca Cola Can Collectors :.

Sven Riemer - Germany
Nils Jennrich - Germany


.: Other Beercollectors :.

Dutch Beer Portal with lots of links to Beersites


.: Various Beersites :.

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